Really Dope Affirmations For Confidence, Certainty and Optimism.

Posted by Mishka B on

I radiate confidence, certainty, and optimism.


I am blessed with high levels of confidence. I may have struggled with confidence in the past from time to time, but my confidence is exceptionally high now. I trust myself and my natural abilities. I am successful and have every reason to be confident. My self-confidence is obvious to everyone.


I am an optimistic person. My expectations for the future are positive. I look forward to an exciting life. I expect things to work out for me. Even in times of uncertainty, I am able to feel good about what is to come. Life’s ups and downs are of little concern to me. I know everything works out just fine in the end.


I am open and accessible. I put my confidence, certainty, and optimism on display. I am bold and assertive. I am willing to allow the world to see the real me and my strengths. People respond positively to this openness. People trust and respect me. My positive attributes put others at ease.


I avoid being overconfident, arrogant, or foolish. My confidence is well-grounded and wise. I am aware of my strengths and limitations. Wisdom is an important attribute to me. I make good decisions and avoid poor decisions.


Today, I feel confident and optimistic. I am confident in myself and optimistic about the future. Others notice an enhanced level of confidence, certainty, and optimism in me. I radiate confidence, certainty, and optimism.


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